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    AIRLIFTER is a Gym/Fitness apparel and accessories brand, Based in Australia and supported by hundreds and thousands of impressions on our social media and customers in over 4+ Countries. 

    Launched in 2018 who had a vision of combing both the lifestyle and fitness industry together. The aim is to become one of the most recognisable brands in the world. This is going to be achieved through products that have been engineered to stand the endurance and sweat of the gym, style for the streets and fashion for going out.

    Our vision is to help make your life easier by providing you a piece of clothing suitable for any occasion. We help motivate and push you to strive for greatness. We live by the motto 'Raise the Bar' where we feel the most values in life come from stepping outside of the comfort zone and unlocking our true potentials. 

    We exist to create the tools that help you unlock your full, incredible potential and put your ideas into action.

    We love to give back so we donate 10% of our profits to a charity in need! We also help individuals achieve their goals and dreams. 

    Raise the Bar




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